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About Anne G Neering

The link to Dr. Crown's chat pages is http://www.crown.panam.edu/chat. The purpose of this site is build an online artificial intelligence named "Anne G. Neering" that is a useful aid to students in their courses. Student involvement in the process of building Anne's knowledge base is intended to be both fun and instructional. Have some fun with your questions and responses but remember that other students are depending on you and will evaluate the accuracy of your answers. Students can often learn best from other students. Copying statements from your textbook will not benefit anyone (not to mention that it may violate copyrights). Answer questions in your own words, which will also communicate more effectively than the text to other students.

How to Use the Site

You can ask Anne a question without entering a password or user name. Try typing "What is your name?" in the text box and she will respond. If you ask her a question that she does not have a response to she will let you know and give you an opportunity to provide her with a response. If you provide Anne with a response she will give you credit as the author each time she is asked that question. Anne also records the number of times that your question has been asked so that you can track how your response has been a benefit to other students. Finally, you can view and evaluate other student's responses by typing "Quiz me", which will also help you learn the course content. The number of hits (H) represents the number of times that your question has been viewed. The rating (R) represents the quality of your response as evaluated by your peers. A negative rating indicates that your response is incorrect or contains errors.

Entering a New Question and Response

If you want to enter a new question and response you need to enter your password (Provided by your instructor) and full Name (First and last name) in the appropriate boxes. To enter a new question just type the question. If Anne responds that she doesn't have an answer, simply type your response to the question in the same box. However, your response must begin with a minus sign (-). That is all there is to it. Anne will thank you for your response and give you credit in the future. You can ask the question again if you want to view your response and to see your name as author.

Editing or Viewing Your Questions

If you want to view all of the questions that you have submitted enter your password and full name and then type "List my questions" in the questions box. A numbered list of the questions that you have submitted will appear. The list will also show the number of hits and the rating of your question. To view the response to any question simply type the question exactly as it appears in the list. To edit the response type a new response (must begin with a minus sign) after asking the question. You may delete a question from your list by providing a blank response (the minus sign followed by the return key).

Quiz Me Mode

If you want to view and evaluate other students questions and responses you can type "Quiz me" in the question box. This will randomly select a question from Anne's knowledge base and show both the question and the response. You must evaluate whether the provided response is accurate. If Anne's response to the question is correct simply type "Correct" in the question box. If Anne's response is incorrect simply type "Incorrect". Your evaluation will be recorded and used in the assessment of the author's response. The total number of questions that you have evaluated is displayed when you type "List my Questions".

Review Mode

If you want to review student approved questions and responses you can type "Review" in the question box. This will randomly select a question from Anne's knowledge base of questions and responses. Since these responses have been approved by students, any evaluation of these responses is ignored.

Adding Equations and Images

If you want to add an image or equation to your response, click on Anne's picture which opens a pop-up window. Select the image or equation that you want to insert and the link will be added to the response.