Dr. Crown's TexPREP Page

Engineering Graphics

  1. Open homework worksheets if you lost your copy or practice with additional sheets.
  2. Watch the following movies to learn Pro Engineer. 

    Camp B

    Marcus 1     - Introduction
    Marcus 2     - Dimensions
    Julius           - Pins
    Augustus     - Base
    Brutus         - Wheel
    Liscinius      - Axle

    Camp C

    Palladius      - Template
    Theodorus   - Assemble Axle to Base
    Celsus         - Assemble Axle to Base
    Basilias        - Assemble Wheels
    Zachias        - Box Parts
    Felix            - Assemble Box Parts

  3. Play some Games and Quizzes that teach you about pictorials and multiview drawings.
  4. Check out the cube puzzle and maze that each student designed and created.
  5. Explore the VRML training camp and learn Pro Engineer.
  6. If you are at home you'll need this VRML Viewer.
  7. Create 3D Worlds with Vivaty Studio .
  8. My son's virtual world (10 years old).
  9. Creative work from this year's TexPREP students.
Welcome to my TexPrep engineering graphics page. You will find instructional movies, interactive games, and a VRML world here to help you gain a thorough understanding of engineering graphics. I have enjoyed putting this material together and hope that it is a help to you. I hope that you have fun this summer and I am looking forward to getting to know many of you.

Digital Signal Processing

    Digital signal processing (DSP) is a method for processing data with the computer to discover new information or put the data in a different form. In TexPREP we are going to use DSP to manipulate sound files to discover a secret message.  Sounds recorded in a crowded restaurant are all mixed together and it is difficult to isolate an individual conversation.  With DSP techniques we will be able to filter out the noise and focus in a individual conversation.  The program we will be using is called LabView and is used by scientists and engineers.  To get started click on the following link.

  Infinity Project Programs

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Anne G. Neering