Dr. Crown's TexPREP Page

Engineering Graphics

  1. The Engineering Design Process
    • How do you design and create a challenging and entertaining cube puzzle?
    • If you are at home you'll need this VRML Viewer.
  2. Multiview Drawings
  3. Pictorial Drawings
  4. Cube Puzzle Design
  5. Rotation and Velocity Vectors
Welcome to my TexPrep engineering graphics page. You will find instructional movies, interactive games, and a VRML world here to help you gain a thorough understanding of engineering graphics. I have enjoyed putting this material together and hope that it is a help to you. I hope that you have fun this summer and I am looking forward to getting to know many of you.

Digital Signal Processing

  1. Download the ZIP file called week1 to get the first set of programs.  After you download the file right click on it and extract the files to the desktop.
  2. Download the ZIP file called week2 to get the second set of programs. 
  3. Download the ZIP file called week3 to get the third set of programs. 
    If LabView is not installed on your computer download and extract this zip file called No LabView and install the Run Time Engine (LBRTE86STD.EXE) by double clicking on it.